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Android TV Boxes: What Are They? Android-compatible ,Cortex A9 core , Mali 400, 1080p video

There’s no hard definition of what an Android device must do to be considered a “TV box.” The term is not official, and is used for a simple reason; the devices are in the shape of a small box. Most are no more than 5 inches wide and two inches tall, and some are much smaller than that.

Since the category is not standardized, the hardware inside could be anything Android-compatible, but most products use relatively old dual-core ARM processors based off the Cortex A9 core, which was cutting-edge a few years ago. Some even use A5 cores, which are positively ancient.

The GPU is very often the Mali 400, a standard GPU from ARM to accompany its Cortex cores. Though also rather old, this part can handle 1080p video without much trouble, and can decode a wide variety of video formats.

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