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It is no exaggeration to say that the China has a high smartphone penetration rate of 95%. Recently launched smartphones mostly adopt wireless charging.

Xiaomi Mi9 series includes wireless charging as well as wireless sharing, so wireless charging technology will accelerate day by day. In addition to smart phones, wireless charging functions are gradually being applied to various mobile devices such as wireless earphones and auxiliary batteries.

Wireless Charging and WPC QI.
Most wireless charging technologies currently commercialized in smartphones are QI standards, and most of them are QI-certified smartphones. QI is a brand name of the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), a wireless charging organization founded in 2008, and is called QI or Chee.

Wireless charging technology is largely divided into a magnetic induction method and a resonance induction method, the QI magnetic induction method is a wireless charging technology commonly used.

QI magnetic induction type is divided into TX (except charger) and RX (except smartphone) type which emits a charging signal from hardware side, and is divided into BPP (Basic Power Profile) and EPP (Extended Power Profile) according to the output. . Currently, about 550 companies have joined the WPC, and 4,300 products have obtained QI certification.

Why do you need QI certification?
As mentioned above, the QI method is rapidly changing from wired charging to wireless charging in line with a trend that emphasizes convenience as a wireless charging standard used by most smartphone manufacturers. Just as the iPhone's 3.5mm earphone jack is missing, a smartphone with a missing charging terminal may be released within a few years.

Not all QI methods are QI certified products. Most wireless charging smart phones, including Samsung, LG, Apple, etc., are QI certified RX type products, and in the case of wireless chargers used to charge them, most products in the market are QI compatible products, not QI certified products. And most of them are not registered with WPC.

QI, a standard for wireless charging technology, ensures reliable wireless charging, device safety and compatibility between certified devices. While charging is important for convenience, it is wise to use QI certified products because it is closely related to safety.

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