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A new model come from QC4.0 car charger Manufacturer SunnyTV Technology


One week ago Qualcomm announced it’s new QC 4.0 “Quick Charge 4” technology. Qualcomm claims that the new generation snapdragon 835 loaded smartphones will get 5 hours of battery in just 5 minutes of charge. That equates to about 50% of battery life in just 15 minutes. A secondary Power management IC is added to QC 4.0 smartphones to support Dual Charge technology. Essentially your battery will charge like it has two chargers connected, they share the charging and this reduces heat and increase efficiency.




Fast is not everything. It is cool as well.

Samsung has highlighted the dangers of bad charging  and battery management and Qualcomm also tackle this. Although QC 4.0 technology is 20% faster than its predecessor it’s 30% more efficient and 5 degrees cooler. The all new SMB1380 and SMB1381 PMICs (chips) will provide QC 4.0 with up to 96% peak efficiency as well as battery differential sensing.  Thanks to the third generation of the INOV (Intelligent Negotiation for Optimum Voltage) algorithm, portable devices can dynamically determine the required power at any point of the charging operation, allowing for optimum power transfer while enhancing efficiency.

What to expect

SunnyTV Technology is one of the most professional car charger manufacturer from China Start to develop new car charger model which can support qualcomm qc4.0.  We will finish it in 2-3 months . more faster and more safer is our goal. SunnyTV also already have many quick car chargers base on QC3.0 Power delivery such as model SU-V1 SU-V3 and SU-V4B. It can supply at least 24W single port 48-72W for dual port.

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