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The Steps Of Installing add-ons add-ons,Kodi

For this example a skin is being installed, the same method is used for other add-ons.

Step 1: Select Get Add-ons

Step 2: Select the repository you want to install from.

Step 3: Select the add-on category, in this case Skin.

Step 4: Select the add-on you want to install, in this case the skin Ace.

Step 5: A summary dialog will be brought up allowing you to see various properties of the add-on. Select Install to begin automatic downloading and installation.

Step 6: In the case of skin installation you'll be asked if you want to change to the installed skin immediately.

When the add-on has finished downloading Kodi will enable it and depending on the add-on ask if you want to start using it. Add-ons will then appear in their appropriate section (e.g. skins in the appearance section of settings, movie scrapers in the options of scrapers when adding a new movie source)

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