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how to Upgrade s905 tv box android firmware with USB Burning Tool

Here I would like to tell you how to upgrade firmware by USB burning tool
1. donwload and isntall usb burning tool

2. Download the latest firmware as follows link and unzip it . It will get the img file.*****.zip

3. Start USB burning tool , open the img file and clikc the start butoon as follow pictures  (Notice: please dont stop once you have started to upgare the firmware )

4. Connect the TV box and computer by AA USB cable.   Notice that Only USB-4 (near SPDIF Port) can only support Burn IMG file. Other USB port cant work .

5. Once show “compelete” , you can take out USB cable , and connect power , HDMI cable , Ethernet Cable, Please wait for 15 minutes after system boot, It will install all apks .

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