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For the most part, these products have access to the same apps and functions found on any other Android 4.0 device. They can run Android apps, including a web browser and many games. And they can be rooted (if they’re not in the first place) to run what normally wouldn’t be allowed.

There are ways to get creative. Don’t want a Android, but want to play Android games on the big screen? Then try the TV Box with a controller of your choice. You can also install media players like XBMC, or just download the streaming apps normally available from your provider of choice (like Netflix), and navigate the device with a wireless keyboard and/or touchpad.

It should be noted, however, that many phones can also be hooked up to a television, and older devices are available at a low price. The $100 you spend on an Android TV box could buy you a Motorola Droid X, LG Optimus Elite or Samsung Galaxy Exhibit. There’s also the mentioned stick PCs, which often sell for $50 or less.

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