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If you are planning to buy a wireless charger, then you’ve probably bumped into the term “Qi-Certified.” But what  is Qi, and why should you buy a Qi-Certified wireless charger?

Qi Is Just a Wireless Charging Standard

Qi (pronounced “chee”) is a standard for wireless energy transmission. It’s a format that’s maintained by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), and it aims to standardize wireless charging across all devices in the same way that the USB or Bluetooth standards have standardized data transmission across all devices.

But why does wireless charging need to be standardized?

Well, without a standard like Qi, wireless charge could be a serious pain in the ass. Imagine if every smartphone used its own unique cable instead of Micro-USB, USB-C, or Lightning. Without the Qi standard, that’s the mess that you’d have to deal with.

We say “basically” because, technically speaking, it’s possible for unstandardized wireless chargers to work with unstandardized phones. But co-mingling power standards with unsupported devices is both ineffective and dangerous.

The Qi Standard Keeps Things Safe and Easy

Wireless chargers rely on magnetic induction or magnetic resonance to transmit energy (Qi uses both). It’s sort of like the magnetic field that surrounds the Earth. Your phone contains a coil that converts this magnetic energy into electrical energy, which  charges the battery. Easy, right?

If a wireless charger isn’t Qi-Certified, then you dont buy it or use it. Qi-Certified chargers from Sunnytvtech, , and  Sunnytvtech are already incredibly cheap, and they come with the guarantee that your phone won’t overheat or become damaged while wirelessly charging.

If you want to buy an older PMA or AirFuel charger (for whatever reason) make sure that your phone complies to their charging standards first. Or, you could just drop $12 on a Qi-Certified charger from Sunnytvtech.

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