PD Power Delivery USB Quick Car Charger 24W Support iPhone X  iPhone8 from China Manufacturer

Input: 12V-24V

TYPE-C PD 24W output: 4V/3.6A, 5V/3.4A,9V/2.5A,12V/2A UP to 24W    
 QC 3.0 output: :4V/3.6A,5V/3.4A,9V/2.5A,12V/2A, UP to 24W

Quality Certification: FCC,CE,ROSH

Multiple built-in safe: guards protect against over-current, overcharging and overheating for safe and fast charging


PD Power Delivery USB Quick Car Charger 24W Support iPhone X iPhone8 from China Manufacturer

24W USB-C PDType C quick charger, 24W QC3.0 cell phone pd car charger, Dual port fast chargering, Quick Charge for iPhone X , iPhone 8



PD Power Delivery USB Quick Car Charger 24W Support iPhone X  iPhone8 from China Manufacturer

Main Features
Model NO  V1B
Produce Name PD TYPE-C Car Charger
Input DC 12V-24V
USB1/USB2 output

TYPE-C PD 24W output:  TYPE-C PD18W:4V/3.6A,5V/3.4A,9V/2.5A,12V/2A UP to 24W)                                                                   

QC 3.0 output: :4V/3.6A,5V/3.4A,9V/2.5A,12V/2A(24W)

Dimensions 71*26mm
Weight                          55g
Material Stainless Steel & Aluminum Alloy


Over-current, Over-heating, Over-voltage, Short-circuit

USB Ports 2
Quick Charge Protocol QC 3.0 & QC 2.0 & Huawei FCP Fast Charge
 Fast Charger Agreement (including 7 kinds fast Agreement )  HVDCP QC3.0/QC2.0(Quick Charge),FCP, AFC, Apple,BC1.2 and Samsung® 2.0A, PD Power Delivery
Quality Certification FCC,CE,RoHS
Support Quick Charge Technology Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0, Qualcomm Quick Charge 1.0, PD Powerl
Warranty  12 Months
Car charger(2 ports support quick charger 3.0) 1pc
User Manual 1pc


Please use your device's original charging cable, Micro USB Cables for best performance.


SunnyTV Technology supply OEM ODM service for Car Charger including designing and printing logo on the gift box and on the Car Charger housing .  customize Car Chargers as your request .

What can we Offer:
1.Quality is our culture : for all devices, we always test three times before shipment incldue PCBA testing, age testing and devices testing .

2. 12 Month Warranty , Less than 1% defective rate . You just need to focus on sales by working with SunnyTV Technology . 

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